Goloka incense resin.


Resin is the blood of life in the tree, heals its wounds and injuries and protects against infections. In short, resin repairs, protects and heals.


Goloka resins when burned, emits a sacred smoke and beautiful fragrance that is known to clear negative energies, connect us to our higher consciousness and spiritual world, and surround us with high vibrations. They must also heal, balance and protect our physical energy bodies.


Botanical name: Commiphora myrrha Origin: Africa


Goloka Myrrh resin has a smoky, sweet or sometimes bitter odor. Myrrh resin is extracted from a number of small, thorny trees. The classic text of Ayurveda, which dates back thousands of years, describes how to use myrrh for wound healing, digestive health and to balance women's problems and much more. The ancient Egyptians also used myrrh for healing, as well as spiritual rituals. It is also a traditionally burnt incense that repels fleas and mosquitoes.


To use resin, you need (in addition to resin) incense charcoal and a heat-resistant vessel that will withstand glow and heat. Some vessels have a net on which coal can be burned. It is otherwise common to use incense sand to distribute the heat under the coal. After the carbon has acquired a gray-white color, the resin / resin can be sprinkled on.





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